Superior Scaffold System

modular scaffold, scaffolding, industrial scaffold services, cyclone repair, industrial plant maintenance, excel modular scaffold, industrial plant repair, best scaffold system, scaffold safety, scaffold versatilityThroughout the course of its history, Excel scaffolding has developed a strong following of loyal customers in the nuclear, petrochemical and chemical plant industries. The material has also been used at fossil stations, pulpwood plants and shipyards. This can be attributed to several aspects of the scaffolding that make the system safer, more user-friendly and faster to erect.

Safety is of the utmost importance when dealing with scaffold erection. Excel scaffolding mitigates smashed hand injuries, eliminates metal face slivers, allows users to get on the work platform easier and is easier and quicker to inspect. Excel Modular Scaffold is qualified and registered in accordance with ISO-9001, assuring the material and customer care is of the highest standard.

Over the past 18 years, this system has proven to be second to none with its features and benefits. Some of the extra features of the Excel system that offer increased value and cost reductions to its many users are:

  • Strong, durable, lightweight and easy to handle user-friendly components.

  • Automatic locking mechanism requiring no tools for erection or dismantling.

  • Greatest number of vertical attachment points on the market today.

  • Integral external or internal ladder system.

  • Enhanced structural integrity generated by diagonal corner braces on all horizontal bars.

  • Standard components comply with handrail regulations for both OSHA and Cal/OSHA

  • Can accommodate almost any application.


Due to its unique design, ease of use, safety and versatility, Excel scaffolding has become the low cost scaffolding material. In many instances, the labor savings can range from 20-40 percent over other systems. Other possible extended cost savings include:

  • Reduced schedule impact.

  • Less delay between scaffold availability for other crafts.

  • Shortened maintenance window so the unit gets back on line faster.

  • The labor savings coupled with extended cost savings can add up to be a tremendous cost reduction for your facility or company.