Excel Features

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Number One Priority

We have the most accessories in our Excel Modular Scaffold Product Line than any other scaffolding system on the market, and we can custom fabricate any scaffold piece or part that our client needs allowing Excel Modular Scaffold to get the job done 100% every time.

Excel Scaffold Features

Resulting Customer Cost Savings
No tools required with positive locking trigger Consistent labor savings up to 30%. Less Exposure time. Less likely to drop tools or components
Cups every 5.75” rather than the standard of 18” with every other modular system Eliminates most tube & clamp modifications and makes deck height adjustments simple and quick
Excel leg loads support 9,000 lbs per leg Other systems support only 5,000 lbs. This results in increased stability and supports more material
Modular racking system This system reduces the man-hours used to organize and inventory materials while also reducing storage area requirements
"Qualified Anchorage" point for Body Harness "Tie-Off" Greatly reduces fall hazards by allowing workers to tie off to the scaffold


Reduced Labor and Cost Expenditures

The EXCEL design has proven itself capable of dramatically lowering total scaffold man-hours and associated craft labor expenditures while reducing critical path time for maintenance related work activities. A Best Work Practices Scaffold Construction Study was conducted by Fluor Daniel Construction (FDC) for Shell Chemical at their Geismar, Louisiana plant. The study compared cubic foot assembly and dismantlement costs among three systems: (1) Safway Systems, (2) SGB Cup-lock, and (3) EXCEL Click-lock. Key results were: The EXCEL click-lock scaffold was found to be user-friendly, more efficient and less fatiguing to erect (since there is no hammer to swing). Since minimal tools are required, the system can normally utilize smaller work crews. The unique components provide better flexibility as do the vertical attachment points on 5 ¾" centers.

The EXCEL click-lock scaffold was also found to be more cost effective as it reduces the man-power needed by one-third. The potential client savings of building 400 EXCEL scaffolds vs. Cup-lock or Safway are estimated at 30%-40% per outage.


Fastest Scaffold Assembly and Dismantlement

In the "Innovative Technology Summary Report" (OST Reference #2320), the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratories (INEEL) conducted an independent evaluation of the use of EXCEL Modular Locking Scaffold to access areas where tube and clamp (T&C) scaffold systems are used at nuclear power plant facilities.

The EXCEL Modular Locking Scaffold was evaluated against the baseline T&C technology in three areas: (1) time savings, (2) ease-of-use, and (3) cost.

The EXCEL scaffolding was easier to assemble and dismantle and was done in 30% to 40% of the time for tube and clamp, which was partially due to EXCEL having fewer pieces to transport, deteriorate, or misplace. Finally, it was found that EXCEL's set-up and dismantlement costs are 52% of the costs for tube and clamp.


Independent Evaluations

From the JHA and the FMEA, a Technology Safety Data Sheet (TSDS) is "being pioneered by the Department of Energy for all technologies…" and is much like an MSDS except that it was designed for equipment. Under this new TSDS program, EXCEL is one of the very first technologies to be evaluated by the U.S. Department of Energy and the very first scaffold material. This is another "first" for EXCEL and another significant third-party endorsement that helps distinguish EXCEL from other scaffold designs.

Global Supply Group Performance Study (GSG) - A demonstration was conducted during a formal scaffold production/efficiency comparison between EXCEL Modular Scaffolding and other kinds of traditional modular systems as well as tube and clamp (T&C). GSG directed the comparison at the request of Boston Edison and it was determined that EXCEL was far more efficient than all the other types of material demonstrated to Boston Edison and GSG.

Dupont Engineering Evaluation & Cost Study - DuPont Engineering, a recognized leader for industrial safety, independently selected EXCEL as a Safety Topic of the Month. DuPont produced a CD-ROM entitled "Constructing the Future," which is a combination of objective technical data and testimonials from various industrial companies that have used the EXCEL Modular Scaffolding System for projects requiring small and large-scale scaffold configurations. It was determined that EXCEL improves "safety" - a word synonymous with DuPont.