Excel Product Catalog

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Excel Scaffold continues to grow at a very fast pace. With the addition of our new web site we have finally broken onto the world wide web. We will strive to provide updates about our material designs, a list of the shows we will be visiting, and any other data that will be useful. We will also maintain an updated copy of our technical manual online to enable our customers to stay current.

Excel Modular Scaffold verticals are manufactured with 11 gage high strength steel; horizontals are manufactured with 12 and 13 gage high strength steel.

  • ASTM A-513 1022
  • Carbon 0.17-0.23%
  • Manganese 0.70-1.00%
  • Phosphorus, max 0.035%
  • Sulfur, max 0.035%
  • Excel also requires Silicon less than 0.03%


Metal Boards, Cups and End Connectors are manufactured with commercial grade 1010 steel.

Horizontal triggers are made up of copper infiltrated Iron and Steel MPIF Standard 35, FX-1005.

82.5 8.0 0.3 Minimum
91.7 14.9 0.6 Maximum


Horizontal bolts are made from zinc plated SAE J429 Grade 8 bolts.

The horizontal spring is manufactured from 0.062 diameter 17-7PH stainless steel.

All scaffold parts are coated with Galvanizing conforming to ASTM B6-70.


  • Lead Max 0.20%
  • Iron Max 0.03%
  • Cadmium Max 0.40%
  • Zinc Min 99.5%