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Scaffold Management for Capital Projects

With our tremendous inventory and constant source of new material from our in house manufacturing, Excel has the resources to handle any size project.  In addition, we have access to a wealth of highly trained and experienced craft personnel and supervision to make your project a success. 

Our project management resources and programs can help ensure that you are getting timely and accurate costs that truly reflect the direction of the cost of the scaffolding on your project.  This information can be provided on a daily basis, with summaries being available on a weekly and monthly basis.

Our management team will work with the site project team to institute and maintain programs and best practices to mitigate cost overruns and extras. Furthermore, we provide your management team with the data it needs to make real time decisions. The built in advantages of using our patented EXCEL Modular Scaffold System will help to decrease the total scaffolding man-hours required, which reduces the overall cost of your project.

Because our system (verticals and horizontals) has certified anchorage points, safety of all site workers that need our system for access is greatly improved. The racking systems are the exact dimensions for all of our horizontals and can be collapsed and stacked when empty, which allows for a minimal yard footprint. The node spacing of our verticals and decreased need for extra pieces or tube and clamp alterations to make modifications also reduces the amount of total scaffold stock needed on site.

We have the ability to mobilize and be productive and effective almost anywhere in the US and will commit Senior Management support to your facility to demonstrate that we're not only a provider, but also a partner in your successful project.



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