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Quality and Flexible Scaffold Rental

Since we at Excel manufacturer our own material, we have a tremendous amount of flexibility when it comes to meeting your scaffold rental needs.  We can offer various pricing scenarios and yard lay outs to maximize your scaffold yard while minimizing your costs. 

The built in advantages of our EXCEL Modular Scaffold System can help to decrease the total scaffolding man-hours required for your facility and thus reduce the overall expense for scaffolding. Our racking system will allow for a minimal yard foot print, as our racks are the exact dimensions for all of our horizontals and can be collapsed and stacked when empty.  The node spacing of our verticals and decreased need for extra pieces or tube and clamp alterations to make some modifications also reduces the amount of total fold stock needed on site. 

Our system also meets both OSHA and CAL OSHA hand rail standards while requiring no additional pieces or modifications. The EXCEL Modular System can also be used as certified anchorage points allowing your personnel to have more options to comply with 100% of tie off requirements. We offer onsite, hands-on training with our system and can provide training tools and resources to your site at no additional cost. We also offer our technical manual online so that the most current and up to date version is always available for your personnel.