Excel Scaffold Builds Major Access Structure

Excel Modular Scaffold System, a premier choice for over 20 years, was selected by a petrochemical company in the Gulf Coast for scaffold decking during an ethylene unit expansion. Collaborating with Gallop Tower Field Services and Century Elevators, Excel’s scaffold facilitated efficient turnaround logistics. The scaffold, reaching over 260 feet, supported heavy loads without contacting the splitter structure, showcasing Excel’s engineering prowess. With Century’s Elevators, the project expedited installation and dismantling, ensuring safety remained paramount throughout. Excel’s commitment to safety, efficiency, and innovative design underscores its industry leadership.

Innovative Scaffolding Solution by Excel Modular Scaffold Enhances Gulf Coast FCC Turnaround Efficiency

Excel Modular Scaffold introduced an innovative lifting device solution for a Gulf Coast manufacturing site’s FCC turnaround, reducing installation and removal time by a total of 27 duration hours. This approach, utilizing pre-built scaffolds lifted into place by a crane, showcased Excel’s commitment to efficiency and sustainability in project execution.

Safety Recognition: Fostering a Culture of Safety

Excel Modular Scaffold prioritizes safety above all else, fostering a culture of zero incidents through proactive practices and employee empowerment. Recognizing excellence through various programs, Excel promotes ongoing education and continuous improvement to ensure a safe work environment for all. With a commitment to achieving zero incidents, Excel sets the standard for safety in the industry.

Stepping Toward Safety: Bartlett Group’s Walk Wise Campaign

Bartlett Group, Excel Modular Scaffold’s holding company, observed a rise in incidents related to walking/working surfaces, prompting the launch of the Walk Wise Campaign. Through increased awareness, continuous assessment, and promotion of best practices, the company aims to eliminate such incidents and ensure a safe working environment for all employees.

Stop Work Obligation

Excel Modular Scaffold’s holding company, Bartlett Group, has recently launched a campaign aimed at reducing jobsite incidents and near misses. The campaign emphasizes the importance of “stop work obligation,” where employees are urged to halt work when encountering safety hazards, with recognition for compliance and accountability for non-compliance. Bartlett Group hopes this initiative will set an industry standard for safer workplaces.


Excel Modular Scaffold received an Exceptional Partnership Award from Marathon Petroleum Corporation in its 7th Annual Supplier Recognition Awards, which recognizes suppliers’ positive impacts on the company’s business in the past year.

MPC Names Excel an “Exceptional Partner”

Excel has been recognized as an Exceptional Partner in Marathon Petroleum Corporation’s Supplier Recognition Awards for its significant contributions to MPC’s business. Excel’s strong safety culture and experienced team have played a key role in its success, with impressive retention rates and a commitment to maintaining high safety standards across its operations.


Bruce Bartlett invested in Excel Modular Scaffold for its labor-saving potential and safety benefits for workers in nuclear plants. Excel’s innovative design and continuous improvements led Bartlett Group to become a full-service scaffold provider, emphasizing product strength and employee quality in its growth strategy.