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Nick Crum
Construction Manager

Nick Crum, starting in residential carpentry at 18, expanded into scaffold design, management and safety. His strong leadership, safety focus, and commitment to excellence have driven success in numerous US projects, fostering growth and client satisfaction.

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Jonas Garig
Construction Manager

Jonas Garig’s collaborative approach fosters a supportive work environment, making him a respected figure among colleagues and stakeholders.

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Chris Ramirez
Construction Manager

Chris Ramirez’s comprehensive understanding of project controls, estimates, and safety procedures allows seamless collaboration with cross-functional teams, making him a valuable asset.

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Billy Hamm
Construction Manager

Believing in the growth of employees, Billy Hamm actively mentors them to succeed in their crafts, making him a valuable asset in the industrial sector.

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Javier Martinez
Coatings Specialist

Javier Martinez is a TAR specialist with extensive experience in new construction, tank and concrete liners, maintenance and various other projects.

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Charles Turnbull
Senior Certified Coatings Inspector

Charles Turnbull is a highly experienced professional in the protective coating industry, with a distinguished career spanning over four decades.