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Chris Gascon
Risk Management/Industrial Hygienist

Throughout his career, Chris Gascon has worked to protect the health and safety of the company’s craftsmen through a commitment to continuous improvement.

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Shane Martarona
Compliance Manager

Shane Martarona is a seasoned professional with extensive management, training, and first aid/safety responder experience in the petrochemical, polymer, petroleum, and pulp/paper mill industries.

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Jack Trautwein
Field Safety Manager

Jack Trautwein collaborates with Regional Safety Managers and actively supports safety initiatives nationwide.

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Daniel Breaux
Corporate Training & Auditing

Daniel Breaux’s relentless pursuit of promoting continuous improvement in occupational safety makes him an invaluable asset to any organization.

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Thomas Bourque
Regional HSE Manager—Big Sky and West

Thomas Bourque inspires and leads, driving positive change to create secure work environments.

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Quinn Leblanc
Regional HSE Manager—River Region

Quinn Leblanc’s dedication to promoting a safety-first culture has reduced incidents and enhanced operational efficiency.

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Anthony Piazza
Regional Safety Manager—Northeast

Anthony Piazza’s dedication to safety goes beyond rule enforcement; he takes pride in educating others about the “whys” behind safety practices, ensuring a culture of understanding and compliance.

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Eugene Howard
Regional Safety Manager—Texas

Throughout his career, Eugene Howard has honed his construction and safety skills and demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities.