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Anthony Piazza

Regional Safety Manager, Northeast

Anthony Piazza is a seasoned professional in the safety and operations fields. Starting as a scaffold helper, he worked up to a foreman before transitioning into safety, where he discovered his true passion. Piazza’s expertise as an HSE manager spans multi-craft service lines such as fireproofing, scaffold, insulation, and coatings, with additional experience in the mechanical sector.

Throughout his career, he has developed safety plans for various projects, from small teams to large crews of over 300. Piazza’s dedication to safety goes beyond rule enforcement; he takes pride in educating others about the ‘whys’ behind safety practices, ensuring a culture of understanding and compliance. His extensive background includes working in diverse industries, including petrochemical (refineries), natural gas and ammonia plants, making him a valuable asset in maintaining secure and compliant workplaces. Through his leadership and commitment, Piazza contributes significantly to the safety and success of every project and team he serves.