Excel News


Bruce Bartlett invested in Excel Modular Scaffold based upon the incredible labor savings potential of the system. At the time, Bruce was founder of Bartlett Nuclear— the largest supplier of radiological personnel to the nuclear industry and he felt a duty to adopt any technologies that reduced radiation exposure for workers at nuclear plants.

The Excel Modular Scaffold system was designed in 1992 by Joe Williams. He and his brother Richard Williams, both highly respected in the scaffold industry, saw the need to improve upon existing system scaffolds.

Joe designed the Excel system with a node spacing every 5.75 inches so that decks could be naturally placed eliminating the need for tube and clamp modifications or alterations to a standard scaffold. He also reduced the number of tools and striking motions with hand tools that were required to build a standard system with the locking trigger mechanism of the Excel system. The system is stronger than other systems and is one of the few systems certified as an anchorage point. Excel continues to add components and accessories that allow for unparalleled diversity.

The success of the product and capabilities of the manufacturer led heads at Bartlett Group to make a pivotal decision. In 2010, Excel became a full-service scaffold provider. Today, with a goal of being a single-source provider to its customers, Excel offers insulation, specialty surface prep, coatings, abatement, fireproofing, refractory and mechanical services.

It is without question that the strength of the Excel product is matched only by the quality of our employees. At the end of the day, Bartlett employees have been and will continue to be an integral part of our continued growth.