Excel Modular Scaffold’s goal is zero incidents—anything less is unacceptable. We dedicate ourselves to a safety culture that empowers all levels and focuses on preventing incidents both on and off the job.

Excel utilizes a behavior-based safety tool— Silence is Permission —where employees are empowered to identify and document unsafe acts or conditions. This tool, combined with the unrivaled safety of the Excel product, is how we continually meet our obligation to deliver a safe work environment.

We’ve transitioned from Stop Work Authority to Stop Work Obligation, empowering all of us to openly voice our concerns. This fosters regular open communication and recognition of positive safety behaviors, supported by live company safety audit systems.

Our implementation of the Stop Work Obligation policy aims to mitigate jobsite incidents and near misses by mandating the cessation of work when hazards are identified. Despite recognizing dangers, incidents persist due to work continuing around them. We emphasize our duty to ourselves, family, friends, coworkers and clients to halt work when necessary.

We commend individuals who courageously adhere to the stop work obligation for safety, while holding accountable those who neglect to act or persist in unsafe conditions. Excel strives to establish this initiative as an industry standard, promoting safer workplaces.


Our trusted sister company, Deltak Manufacturing Inc. manufactures Excel Modular Scaffold material right next to our main yard in Walker, LA. With a large inventory of scaffold components, we need a manufacturer we can trust to keep up with supply and demand. Using stringent specifications, we have been able to custom fabricate any and every scaffold piece needed for each individual project.

Research and development are key elements of Deltak’s ability to provide superior material. Our custom designs are cost-effective and provide an accommodating path forward, resulting in a reliable product that fits specific needs. Experienced engineers and personnel have earned the respect of customers by carefully listening to requirements and delivering outstanding results on time.


At Excel, we’re pioneers in scaffold innovation, offering tailored components and methods for various projects, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

  • Our airlifting scaffold technique streamlines construction by assembling the scaffold structure on the ground before lifting it into place with a crane, accelerating work compared to traditional methods.
  • We’ve engineered a robust system that supports standalone applications, particularly beneficial for tasks like coating and insulation where other systems require fixation to the structure.
  • Our Walk-thru Filler Plates enhance safety by providing clear walkways and emergency exit routes in congested work areas while maintaining scaffold stability.
  • We provide cost-effective temporary scaffolding solutions, replacing permanent all-steel jig stands, with shoring packages capable of supporting heavy loads while ensuring safety.
  • The Swing Gate Toeboard Adaptor by Excel facilitates seamless access and egress between ladder and work platform while providing protection against debris and falling objects.