The image for Justin Papania on the team page.
Justin Papania
Vice President—Multi-Crafts

Papania oversees the multi-crafts division for Bartlett Group. This entails coordinating complex projects, managing diverse teams and ensuring seamless operations within high-pressure environments.

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Jason Munn
Refractory Operations Manager

Jason Munn is a highly experienced construction professional with over many years of expertise in client management, strategic planning, resource allocation, financial management, project management, project controls, personnel management, production methods and process analytics.

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Keenan Sain
Vice President—Mechanical

Keenan Sain’s depth of expertise and understanding of the industry ensures that our mechanical operations are led by a seasoned professional who can effectively guide our team to success.

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Nathan Dagley
Vice President—Tech Services

Nathan Dagley’s emphasis on communication underscores his commitment to optimizing safety, enhancing engineering efficiency and achieving operational excellence within our company.

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Chris Pearson
Vice President of Operations—Canada

Chris Pearson’s meticulous attention to detail and a penchant for embracing new challenges have played a pivotal role in broadening Bartlett’s footprint into Canada under Bartlett Operations Support Services (BOSS).

The image for Maria Moynihan on the team page.
Maria Moynihan
Senior Account Manager

Maria Moynihan plays a crucial role in the job/project setup process, collaborating with executive and site management to address challenges and ensure seamless project coordination.

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Denise Simoneaux
Marketing Manager

Denise Simoneaux effectively enhances brand visibility for the Bartlett Group family of companies while also using her talents to employ effective safety messaging, thorough internal communications, and document standardization, in an effort to help build a cohesive and safe work environment.