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Our Commitment to Safety

Excel Modular Scaffold’s goal is zero incidents — anything less is unacceptable. The company is dedicated to a safety culture that empowers all levels, where the focus rests on the prevention of incidents not only on the job, but also away from work.


Excel utilizes a behavior-based safety tool — “Silence is Permission”— where employees are empowered to identify and document unsafe acts or conditions. This tool, combined with the unrivaled safety of the Excel product, is how Excel Modular Scaffold continually meets its obligation to deliver a safe work environment.

Safety was the foremost consideration when the system was designed.

Here are a few of the many safety benefits associated with the Excel system:

  • Excel scaffold requires fewer tools and repetitive motions when compared to other systems in the industry, which leads to less physical demands on the erectors.
  • Excel scaffold also affords a streamlined racking system, which reduces clutter and housekeeping issues while increasing productivity in a scaffold yard environment.
  • Standard components comply with handrail regulations for both OSHA and Cal/OSHA.
  • The Excel system allows for erection and dismantle well below the decibel range of other systems by eliminating the many repetitive striking motions from hammers or other tools that can exceed 110 decibels.
  • Excel scaffold reduces the risk of spark producing hazards such as hammer strikes in flammable environments.