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Charles Turnbull

Senior Certified Coatings Inspector

Charles Turnbull has built a distinguished career in the protective coating industry, amassing over four decades of experience. He has contributed his expertise to various sectors, including nuclear, chemical, petrochemical and prefabricated coating facilities. Turnbull holds prestigious certifications such as the Level 3 AAMP Certification and the Protective Coating Specialist Certification. He actively engages in the AAMP community, volunteers in inspection test development, serves on the Certification Review Board, and participates in beta testing for new certifications. His extensive experience encompasses a broad range of specialties, from fireproofing with cementitious and intumescent materials to Thermal Spray Aluminum, Reinforced FRP, medium and thin film linings, insulation coatings, and a variety of atmospheric and CUI liquid applied coatings, showcasing his comprehensive knowledge and dedication to the field.