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Nate Bumstead

HSE Division Director

Nate Bumstead, a Louisiana State University graduate, has a wealth of petrochemical industry experience. Starting his career with a prominent mechanical contractor, he steadily advanced to the position of Safety Supervisor at a major refining company. As a leader, Bumstead fosters a team-oriented approach, valuing collaboration and cooperation among his colleagues. His technical expertise as a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) further enhances his ability to drive safety initiatives effectively.

Bumstead firmly believes that sustainable safety excellence is achieved through the active engagement of employees and the establishment of trust within an organization. By prioritizing employee involvement and creating a culture of trust, he paves the way for a safer work environment and ensures the well-being of all team members. Bumstead’s dedication to building a solid safety foundation stems from his unwavering commitment to the values of employee engagement and trust-building within the organization.