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Stop Work Obligation

Bartlett Group recently launched a new campaign targeted at reducing the number of incidents and near misses incurred on the jobsite.

Situations continue to occur in which the standard “stop work authority” practice is not utilized. Industrywide post-incident reviews reveal time and again that while personnel recognize hazards, work continues around those hazards rather than stopping work. Many incidents could be prevented entirely by stopping work.

At Bartlett Group, “stop work authority” has now become “stop work obligation,” as employees are obligated to themselves, their families, friends, coworkers and clients to stop work when the need arises.

Bartlett will recognize and celebrate those who have the courage to speak up and stop work when an unsafe condition exists or if there is even a question concerning safety. On the other hand, any employee found failing to take action, or continuing to work when “stop work obligation” should have been utilized, will be held accountable.

Bartlett is hopeful that others will join in this practice and that it will become a standard for the industry as a whole, leading to safer workplaces for all employees.