Excel is the leading innovator in scaffold. With custom components and approaches for any project, Excel is the solution for complex projects. From airlifting scaffold to temporary jig stands, it is always innovating approaches that will save time and money.


• Excel’s ability to airlift scaffolding allows the internal scaffold structure to be built on the ground instead of inside the reactor. The scaffold structure is lifted by crane, which lowers the structure into the regenerator so work can begin. This approach can save days over the traditional approach.


• The increased structural integrity of the Excel system allows for free standing applications when other systems need to be fixed to the structure, which can be a tremendous benefit for coating and insulation applications.


• Excel’s Walk Thru Filler Plates were designed to help alleviate some congested work area hazards by providing clear walkways and exit routes in emergency situations. The walk-thru base plates allow for removal of the bottom ledger while still maintaining a stable based scaffold.

• Excel provides a cost-effective solution using temporary scaffolding instead of permanent all steel jig stands. With the capacity of Excel’s shoring packages, the company can offer temporary shoring of heavy loads while providing the necessary safety ratio to still utilize the scaffold application as access.


• The Excel Swing Gate Toeboard Adaptor allows for clear access and egress when transitioning between ladder and work platform while still providing debris and falling object protection when in closed position.