Excel Modular Scaffolding has developed a strong following of loyal customers in the refining, petrochemical chemical and nuclear industries. Safety is of the utmost importance when dealing with scaffold erection. Excel scaffolding mitigates smashed hand injuries, eliminates metal face slivers, allows easier platform access, and is simpler and quicker to inspect. Excel Modular Scaffold is […]


Meeting industry’s soft craft demands are what makes Excel a true leader. We have combined our superior scaffold services with insulation services to deliver savings to your bottom line.


If you are looking for guaranteed quality, professional coatings, look no further. Excel quality control protocols, provide for a level of quality in the coating application/removal, which meets or exceeds industry standards, company specifications and good engineering practices.


When you need safe, reliable and cost-effective fireproofing services, you can rely on Excel.


Turn to Excel for your refractory needs.  You can be assured of the same safety culture, quality assurance and craftsmanship you have come to expect from Excel.