For guaranteed quality and professional coatings, Excel is your ideal choice. Our rigorous quality control protocols ensure coatings removal and application meet or exceed industry standards, company specifications and sound engineering practices. With our experienced staff proficient in maintenance coating systems, high-performance tank linings, and protective coatings for underground and above-ground installations, Excel ensures excellence in every project, new or existing.

A person stands on a rooftop at sunrise or sunset, wearing safety gear and working with cables and equipment. The sky is clear with a few clouds, and the sun is low on the horizon, casting a golden glow. Rooftop paraphernalia and urban buildings are visible in the distance, highlighting Excel Scaffold Company's commitment to risk mitigation and abatement services.
  • Steel shot and mineral slag abrasive cleaning
  • Vacuum blasting
  • High-pressure and ultra-high-pressure washing
  • Vacuum collection power tooling
  • Accustripping with sodium bicarbonate
  • Lead abatement
  • Chemical stripping

Two individuals in protective suits and masks from the Excel scaffold company are working inside a large, empty industrial tank. One sprays a substance on the tank's interior while the other monitors. The tank, dimly lit by nearby lights, underscores their efforts in risk mitigation and abatement services.
  • Chemical-resistant troweled systems
  • Abrasion-resistant systems
  • Broadcast systems
  • Self-leveling systems
  • Thin-film systems

A close-up of a large, industrial cylindrical pipe with metal flanges secured by numerous bolts. The light gray pipe appears to be part of a large mechanical or engineering system, possibly benefiting from industrial coatings, with the background showing parts of the same equipment.
  • Application of chemical and acid-resistant coatings and plural component systems
  • Thermal spray aluminum
  • Crack injection and repair of concrete
  • Fiber-reinforced epoxy systems
  • Chopped glass applications
  • Specialty tank and vessel linings
  • Cementitious and intumescent fireproofing

  • Identification systems
  • Coating inspection (NACE Certified Level III Staff)
  • Planned maintenance programs